About M M D C

Our vision is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by regulating the practice of medicine and dentistry and by guiding the registered medical and dental practitioners to maintain highest professional and ethical standards.

Our mission is to allow only medical and dental practitioners who are clinically competent and who maintain highest professional and ethical standards to practice medicine in the country.

We do this by controlling the entry to the medical register, setting the standards for medical schools been established in the country and publishing reference guidelines for use by health care providers in granting practicing privileges. We also take fair and firm action where practitioners fail to meet set professional, ethical standards and the principles and values of good medical practice.

Doctors are superheroes with lab coats
Maldives Medical & Dental Council


  • Regulate medical & dental practitioners
  • Establish ethical practice
  • Establish competency standards
  • Regulate medical & dentistry education
  • Maintain registers or medical & dental practitioners
  • Investigate negligence and unethical practice